About Us


The first factory was established by notary deed in Barzanò.


Felice and Mario Beretta opened a butcher and cured meat business and transformed the meat-processing factory into a modern industry.

1921 ‐ 1960

The production and commercial side of the business expands as Beretta cured meat is distributed to new Italian regions.

1960 ‐ 1965

Following the success of the first supermarkets, Giuseppe and Vittore Beretta expanded production, investing and diversifying in the production of off-the-shelf packaged meats.

1965 - 1970

Distribution to the promising large-scale retail channel. Beretta was one of the first companies to develop this channel, to publicise new packaged cured meat and to promote product awareness through participation in leasing international fairs.


Establishment of the first factory in Italy specialised in hot dog production under the Wüber name.

1987 ‐ 1988

Purchase of Salumificio Brianteoand CIM, specialised in the production of Parma PDO ham.

1990 ‐ 1997

In the quest for foreign markets, in 1996 the historic headquarters of Barzanò were transferred to Trezzo sull'Adda (Milan), in a strategic position at the crossroads with the new markets. A production unit was acquired in New Jersey (USA).

1999 ‐ 2002

Acquisition of San Carlo, a company specialised in the production of salami from Piacenza, and Del Zoppo, specialised in the production of air-cured beef.


The start of the company’s diversification in the promising ready-made meals market. The new company Piatti Freschi Italia was established, in equal partnership with Fleury Michon, a French leader in the sector.

2005 - 2007

The first joint venture with the Chinese giant YURUN. A production plant in California (USA) was acquired, as well as Moser, a company specialised in the production of speck and traditional products.


Acquisition, through Piatti Freschi Italia, of the FRES.CO company, a leader in Italy in the gastronomy sector.

Febbraio 2012

The second Chinese plant completely dedicated to the production of Italian cured meats was opened.

5 Maggio 2012

Beretta celebrated 200 years in business.


The acquisition of Framon and Cresus, specialised in the production of San Daniele PDO ham.

2013 ‐ 2014

Lease of the business branch of Prosciuttificio Carpegna (PU) and Prosciuttificio Casa Toscana (SI).


Completed new production site at Mount Olive - New Jersey (USA).