Unique ingredients, genuine and natural
The unique taste of the noble tradition of Italian cold cuts
PDO and PGI Cerifications
The inimitable products are testimony of their territory.
Semplici Piaceri
Just feel good!
For over 200 years, the best products
We bring in Italian homes the authentic flavors of Italian delicatessen

San Daniele Ham PDO

Pure pork meat and salt make this line one of the best Italian cold cuts. Select ingredients and a strict compliance with DOP regulations make the Beretta dry cured ham proposals a delicacy that must be tasted.

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Beretta in the World

The Beretta Group is present in more than 40 countries and has 4 factories abroad.

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Bresaola della Valtellina PGI

Beretta bresaola is characterised by the elegant balance of the aromas used in the brine. Beretta bresaola IGP is made from the best cut of the cow, the haunch tip.


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Our bond with the territory

The establishment of factories directly in the regions that produce leading PDO and PGI meats and integration with its technological expertise has meant that the company produces the highest number of PDO and PGI products in Italy.


Passion for quality since 1812

Beretta sees quality as the end result of ongoing investment in Research and Development, which focuses all company divisions on safety, and on the needs and expectations of consumers, clients and distributors. The ongoing improvement of the company's ability to interpret market signals, anticipating new trends and requirements, and the transmission and sharing of knowledge at all levels throughout all the divisions, are the building blocks of the Beretta corporate approach.