The Production Chain
Gruppo Beretta

Integrated control, traceability and the health of the animal is guaranteed by Beretta production, these are the factors at the heart of the Beretta OGM FREE Controlled Chain.


Animal Welfare

Sow farm

The cornerstone of the controlled chain is Animal Welfare. Beretta guarantees animal welfare by directly managing and controlling the entire production chain in line with rigid disciplinary regulations.

We only select pure bred Landrace and Large White sows for breeding. Innovative software controls all the rearing phases, from feeding to weaning and fattening solely with vegetable and GMO-free products. The butchering process guarantees the traceability of all successive processing, preparation and seasoning phases.

The entire journey of our products can be traced and is reflected in the end quality.

The well-being of the pigs is an essential element of our breeding. To ensure this the sows are free to leave their cages to end their pregnancy in the most peaceful way possible. Every labour is supported individually to ensure the greatest attention to the sow and her offspring.

  • insemination division
  • gestation division in which the sows can move freely, equipped with micro-chips for feeding in automatic stations
  • labour area whose width can be adapted to suit the sow's size
  • cooling system that controls the temperature in all areas to ensure that the animal is not subjected to the stress of hot summer weather
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The pigs are treated with respect right from birth. Beretta certifies that their tails are left uncut and their small teeth untouched. The piglets are milk-fed by their mothers for 28 days. Their mother's milk strengthens the immunity defences of the animal that can grow healthily in large and suitable spaces. Every little pig is assigned a code when born to ensure full traceability at every stage of the chain.

The longest stage - fattening, starts after the two months required for weaning. This is a ten month period in which the animals naturally gain weight through a healthy diet and exercise in wide spaces in which they can freely move. At the end of this natural growth phase they can weigh up to 165 kg. Whilst their weight and size grows, the pigs health is constantly monitored.

Their diet is entirely vegetable based. The pigs are only fed with GMO-free Italian corn that comes from the Pavese/Lomellina and Alessandrino/Monferrato areas and the company production (20% of total calorie requirements).


To the butcher

Absolute respect for the animal is also uppermost at this stage. Controls and codification are central to this stage: 

every anatomical cut is individually coded.