Innovation and quality

Beretta sees quality as the end result of ongoing investment in Research and Development that focuses all company divisions on safety, the needs and expectations of consumers, clients and distributors.


Scientific research and quality control

Safety, production and quality are an integral part of our mission.
Product quality and safety are guaranteed and controlled throughout the entire production chain right up to the final stages.
Every product is subject to a series of controls and tests prior to market release to ensure conformity to pre-fixed parameters. Technical experts and the master cured meat makers ensure the maximum attention to detail and expertise in the processing of pork meat. 
Ongoing improvements in packaging and manufacturing experience guarantee the best conservation of the organoleptic and nutritional qualities of the raw material and utmost respect for hygiene standards.
Each factory has two fundamental divisions - Research an d Quality Control - that managed by professionals ensure constant and accurate analysis of ingredients and verification of hygiene practices.
The highest level of hygiene is provided through the operation of the "Salle Blanche" futuristic facilities in which slicing and packaging takes place under controlled conditions, in which the risk of contamination is virtually eradicated.
The Beretta Group adopts a safety and hygiene controlled process (Quality Assurance System) for food that is even more stringent than that demanded by national and international legislation.   
Beretta's passion for quality is seen in its commitment to cutting-edge production and technological innovation enabling it to maintain its market leadership. 
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Research into quality and consumer well-being

The highest level of quality, innovation and client well-being are the Group's main objectives.
To ensure that the client receives safe products with organoleptic qualities intact, particular attention is always paid to packaging techniques and sizes. Size formats are customised to ensure the ideal portion for a healthy and balanced diet in terms of different target market requirements. 
Beretta products are rich in nutritional ingredients that satisfy the daily dietary requirements of the modern consumer.  
Our meats offer high level of quality proteins, vitamins B1 and B2, minerals such as zinc and iron and reduced fats that are perfectly balanced between saturated, unsaturated and polyunsaturated elements.

Beretta's commitment to dietary intolerances

Beretta sees consumer needs and markets expectations as fundamental.
For this reason we devote the highest level of attention to emerging nutritional problems particularly intolerances such as those to lactose and gluten.
Beretta has created a wide range of gluten-free products including sliced and roasted meats, hot dogs, diced meat, small salamis and hamburgers.
All Beretta meats list gluten-free on the label and for many years have been registered in the AIC Formulary (Italian Celiac Association). 


Since 2011 Wuber hot dogs, Beretta and the Semplici Piaceri range have displayed the wheat-free symbol of the Italian Celiac Association.
Constant attention to detail, the rigour of processing procedures and systematic controls ensure maximum safety for the consumer and the highest quality standards.