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The Beretta Group is present in more than 40 countries and has 4 factories abroad.

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Ambassadors of taste.

“Made in Italy” is not only a brand; it is a harmonious blend of culture and nature, renewed tradition and the genuine taste of quality products. This is the why Beretta is the ambassador of Italian products throughout the world.  Beretta shares the secrets of Italian quality cuisine, bringing the taste of real gastronomy, the flavour and quality of genuine Italian cured meats to all.  
Export is not just about the products; it is also about the company’s history, the authenticity of its origins and the expertise of its creators.
Italy is a land of saints, poets and navigators. And creators of cured meat. 
The Beretta Group has expanded its borders by exporting products throughout the world.  But that’s not all. Internalisation also comes from a presence on the territory and through the establishment of factories that produce cured meat for foreign markets. 
The first Beretta production unit outside of Italy was acquired in New Jersey (USA), in South Hackensack, in 1997. The factory specialises in the production of salami, air-cured pork meat, bacon, mortadella and air-cured beef.  The choice of the United States was a well-considered one, not only because Italian cuisine is popular in this country but also 

because it has a strong immigrant community and very protective legislation for food importation.
Today, the site is accompanied by a second production unit, in Fresno, California, that has improved the Group's logistical and strategic position in the States. 
The joint venture with the Chinese giant Yurun (2005-2007) allowed Beretta to make its first inroads in this great market. In February 2012, a factory was opened in Ma’anshan, about 300 kilometres from Shanghai, which is completely dedicated to the production of Italian cured meat.