"The greatest threat to our Earth is the belief that someone else will save it instead of us" cit. Robert Swan - explorer


Minimising to give the maximum


Beretta has always been committed to undertaking a path to achieve sustainability, and it has already started to reduce the amount of plastic it uses.
This means coming to terms with the topic of packaging, an element of paramount importance as concerns Beretta quality.
Although plastic is still a packaging material with unrivalled guarantees and performance characteristics, nevertheless, it is possible to use it more responsibly: by reducing, recycling and re-using it in a circular economy perspective.
The launch of the B-Green pack is a concrete commitment.

As from September 2022 onwards, the packaging of Beretta's product line Passione di Famiglia 1812 is made using up to 23% less plastic* compared to the amount previously used.
Moreover, Beretta uses 65% of recycled plastic**.

The two environmental claims, focusing on reduced resource use and recycled content, stated in the B Green logo have been formulated to comply with UNI EN ISO 14021:2016 standard requirements: Labels and environmental declarations - Self-declared environmental claims (Type II environmental labelling) and communicate Beretta's commitment and sustainability-oriented path undertaken.

* ‘23% less plastic’ refers to the average weight of the maxi tray understood as bottom laminate only.
** '10% less plastic’ refers to the average weight of the slim tray understood as bottom laminate only.

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Less environmental impact, more care taken


In order to support the virtuous path towards sustainability that Beretta has undertaken, it was impossible not to consider the production chain, from the raw material to the consumption of the product. In this respect, the new Beretta Puro line is a perfect example. In fact, Beretta, through the international certification body SGS, is the first cured meat-producing company to have achieved ISO 22005:2008 certification associated with the Technical Product Standards STP 005/234; 005/235; 005/236 which guarantee:

  • The traceability of raw materials and food products;
  • The non-use of antibiotics on animals from birth;
  • The respect for animal welfare: all pigs are reared in adequate space, 100% of chickens are free range;
  • The gluten, lactose, monosodium glutamate and polyphosphate-free products;
  • The absence of nitrites and nitrate-free dry-cured ham made with pork leg.

Compliance with this standard makes Puro Beretta a guarantor of effective management and control of foodstuffs as well as their ingredients, both for chicken and pork-based products.


Sustainability is a shared path


First, possessing the know-how and then training people on the dos and don’ts, based on certified facts and data. This is Beretta's vision, now more useful and valuable than ever in the fight against green washing. This makes it necessary to embark on the journey towards sustainability with an experienced and motivated crew at our helm. 
The collaboration with the Food Sustainability Observatory at the Polytechnic of Milan (Italy), for example, is heading precisely in this direction: a constant exchange of views, sharing best practices, the creation of research opportunities and, above all, the chance to examine one' s own actions in depth with a view to sustainability.

With this in mind, in both 2019 and 2020, Beretta contributed to the development of two research theses on measuring the effectiveness of sustainability initiatives and developing a dashboard with a range of continuous improvement indices.
However, the value of research, breakthroughs and data can only be seen when they are transformed into shared resources. This is why all stakeholders within the company, from the management right up to the employees, are constantly kept up-to-date and aligned on the topic of sustainability: from the short supply chain through to packaging and novel food.

The Beretta B-Green project