High Quality Cooked Ham Nostrano Gran Reserve

Cod. E.A.N. 2018120000000 | average weight kg 8,400


Usually, High Quality Cooked Hams present a more variegated slice: in the variations of the pink, it is possible see clearly the muscle tissue of the product.

Gluten-Free product

senza glutine

Outstanding in its quality range, from the hind legs of Italian swine, a sweet product with a lightly spiced flavour. Laurel, mace and cinnamon are only some of the spices that give to the Gran Reserve a taste sweet and full of aroma. The lack of hock and bottom guarantees a high yield.

Boned Italian-style: just by pulling out the bone, to limit stress to the meat.

Nutritional values ​​per 100g of product

of which saturated fat
of which sugars

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