July 23, 2014

Zero 24 Beretta snacks return to the air

23 July2014 – What happens if the Pharaoh, Alexander the Great and Napoleon suddenly feel like a snack? It’s a shame that they weren't around in the right age to enjoy Zero Beretta 24 cold cuts, the irresistible snacks that are the stars of the new "Snacks throughout history" radio advertising campaign, on air from today and for the next two weeks on the main national stations.
The aim of the campaign is to re-launch brand awareness and the exclusive positioning of the two products in the Zero24 range: Lo Spuntino and Spuntino Maxi. The delicious single-portion sliced cured meat snacks include raw ham, cooked ham, Milan salami and air-cured meat varieties that would certainly have tempted the palates of historical figures.
How to "conquer" the appetite of Alexander the Great and offer a pleasant break to the Pharaoh who has been posing for hours, while in 1812 Napoleon is won over by the aroma of the first Beretta meats? The new Beretta spots take us on an enjoyable and amusing spin through time. 


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