Pancetta Piacentina PDO

Cod. E.A.N. 2215860000000 | average weight kg 4,500


The tradition of the bacon has its roots in the whole of Italy, from North to South, and offers to the lovers of traditional cold cuts a true tasting experience. The types are very different among them.

Protected Designation of Origin


Gluten-Free product

senza glutine

From heavy Italian pork, from controlled breeds of Emilia Romagna and Lombardy, at least 160 Kg, with a minimum age of 9 months. The bacon obtained from trimming of the pork belly, is salted a “dry salt”, then by hand, with salt, black and white pepper and cloves in respect of the strict DOP regulations. Extruded in natural casing, sawn by hand and tied with a rope, aged for at least three months. A single slice offers a variety of aromas and delicate, sweet flavours, alternating with a characteristic savouriness. The soft texture, due to the ingredients of the highest quality, produces slices of incomparable smoothness.

For the lovers of artisanal bacon.

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